Apple and Cinnamon Spiced Anzac Waffles with Caramelised Apple and Pears with Salted Caramel Cream

Here's a great healthy post Christmas recipe that's perfect for all of those apple lovers like myself.

Apple and Cinnamon Spiced Anzac Waffles with Caramelised Apple and Pears with Salted Caramel Cream

This recipe is an adaptation of the Almond Anzac Waffles I posted a while ago. It's not often that I make the same recipe over and over but these are a favourite at the moment.

I've also been making lots of Blissballs and raw vegan tarts which are perfect in this very warm weather. Favourite so far has been my Fresh Raw Mango White Chocolate Tart which I was sure I'd posted a recipe for, but it seems I haven't. Goodness, that's another one I need to get onto the site.

I also made the Sweet Potato Waffles last weekend and served them with a black beans chilli, avocado mash and grated home made vegan cheddar cheese I made last week. I'll definitely be making it again, it slices perfectly, grates, and tastes fantastic. I should have made it years ago! I have a lot more vegan cheese recipes to try and can't wait to get time to do more.

If you love the idea of waffles then now's your time to treat yourself. It's January and all of the New Year sales are on. Here's a link to the one I use, it's amazing and I highly recommend it, it's worth every cent. The Breville Smart Waffle.

Perfect, thick, crisp, Apple and Cinnamon Spiced Anzac Waffles

It's hasn't been a great year for my blog or for me posting as many recipes as I'd like to have done. But it's also been a big year in other areas of my life. Our business keeps me way too busy taking photo's of our guests for their owners, my health has been a challenge, I may share why one day. It's something I should share for awareness for others but I'm tired and a bit drained at the moment and the thought of having to go into details exhausts me just thinking of it. Needless to say that if all I have to do was cook, photograph my creations, blog and post recipes, I'd be a happy little Chappy! This year is going to be my year, I'm looking forward to it.

On that note, I'd love to wish you all all the best for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Big luv 💞 K

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