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My Ethos!

Sustainability of our planet is paramount to me!


My aim is be as ethically environmental and sustainable as I can be to protect you, us, our precious wildlife and the environment.  


At this stage my products are not 100% organic. I use as many organic ingredients that I can source to keep prices affordable for you the customer. If there is a demand then we will add organic products to the range. 




I use Kraft resealabel paper bags for all of our  products to reduce waste going to landfills as opposed to rigid packaging such as tubs & tins as well as amount of raw materials used to manufacture containers. The pouches are 100% recyclable overseas but require a special process which has not been introduced into Australia. The Kraft Paper pouches reduce the amount of plastic used to make the bags as the outer layer has been replaced by paper. 

Luving Life 

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