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Carrot Cake Balls

November 02, 2018

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If you love carrot cake then you're definitely going to love these healthy sugar free protein balls. 

Yum Balls - 3 ways

October 15, 2018

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Delicious and healthy 3 Ingredients Chocolate, Lemon Matcha and Cinnamon Donut. Put the kettle on and by the time it's boiled you'll have one of these recipes made and ready to roll! 

RV | GF | DF 

Filled with super healthy green tea matcha and anti-imflamatory turmeric these tasty little treats are more that just a snack. They're sugar free, gluten free and raw which makes them a nutritious  guilt free snack. I've added Maca which is known to help balance hormones and mesquite which is a low gi sweetener that lends a lovely caramel note to anytime that I make. Stevia drops also help to enhance the sweetness without adding calories. Add to that fresh pineapple and sweet ripe bananas, I think you'll love them. Please enjoy 💞

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Here we share a recipe for a staple that's always in our pantry. It makes preparing breakfast, brunch or snacks a cinch. Just add you favourite fruit, milk and or yoghurt, mix and serve. It's best left to sit for a while to let the seeds softern and geminate slightly for ease of digestion so if you wish it can be prepared the night before just as you would overnight oats of chia. Remember, our bread mix contains chia and flaxseeds! 

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