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Baking Mix Recipes

NOTE: All recipes are Grain free, Gluten free and Dairy free unless noted otherwise. 


V - Vegan | VG - Vegatarian | VO - Vegan Options | GF - Grain Free | GLF - Gluten free | DF - Dairy Free | CD - Contains Dairy | CG - Contains Grains

Chocolate Walnut Cake with Chocolate Frosting

GF | GLF | V 

If you're looking for the perfect birthday cake, look no further, this one is a cracker. It's delicious, chocolatey and moist.. almost like a mud cake. 

SF | V | DF | GF | Paleo option

I make these regulaly and they are always well received. So, here is the recipe for all of those that wanted to know how to make them. They are so much better than store bought protein bars with much healthier ingredients. 


The ever popular Sticky Date cake comes to life and shines as a grain free, gluten free, Paleo cake that turns into decadence with a slathering of Butterscotch Frosting making it the perfect cake for a birthday celebration. 

GF  | DF | V

Crisy, crunchy, chocolate, chewy! What more do you need!! Options for grain free and Paleo. 

Crispy Cruncy Cherry Coconut Cookies

August 14, 2016

V | DF | GF


Made with cacao butter these have a delightful hint of white chocolate as well. 

Apple & Cinnamon Muffins with Fruity Streusel

February 13, 2016



Fresh apples, lots of ground cinnamon and a delciously quick and easy streusel to top it of. 

January 01, 2020

GF | with optoins for V | DF 


Traditional Aussie biscuits made to suit your diet! We've created a refined sugar free, grain free, gluten free version of this super delicious cookie as some may call them these days. We've added Vegan  options so there are options for everyone. 

Banana Mango Fruit Muffins

January 01, 2020



Packed with fresh fruit, ripe bananas, mangoes and a hit of dried fruit and pepitas or almonds for that extra zing! These work really well as a go to Breakfast meal or recess snack for kids. 

Paleo Banana Easter Muffins

March 23, 2016



An all time favourite transformed into an Easter treat! Filled with juicy sultanas, easter bun spices and a touch of lemon zest these are quick and easy to prepare. They'll be coming back for more. 

Paleo Easter Buns

March 17, 2016



Full of juicy sweet sultans and laced with delicious Easter Bun spices these are not only delicious and moorish they're refined sugar free, gluten free and dairy free to help you get through the long weekend without having to miss out or comprimise your health and enjoyment of the special treats that make Easter a special. 

May 06, 2016

GF | DF 


Super mosit and fluffy muffins with a delicious crunchy topping, Chocolate and hazelnuts are a marriage made in heaven and it's all Paleo, grain free, gluten free and refined sugar free. 

Banana Muffins

February 15, 2016



Who doesn't love a good banana muffin. Our muffins are so quick and easy to prepare you'll have a batch on the table in half an hour. 


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