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Bread Mix Recipes

NOTE: All recipes are Grain free, Gluten free and Dairy free unless noted otherwise. 


V - Vegan | VG - Vegatarian | VO - Vegan Options | GF - Grain Free | GLF - Gluten free | DF - Dairy Free | CD - Contains Dairy | CG - Contains Grains

Vegan Grain Free Bread

November 01, 2018

GF | GLF | V | DF

I love that this loaf has no eggs and is complete plant based. It's become our family favourite of late and I find it super easy to make, it just ensuring that you always had the ingredients on hand. 

June 27, 2017

GF | NF | YF 

This is a delicious loaf  made with nutritious buckwheat that is said to improve hearth health by lowering  . and blood pressure. It's also a great source of digestible protein, antioxidants and flavonoids. 

Vegan Sourdough Bread

June 26, 2017

GF | DF 

Sourdough breads are great for digestion, therefor making them super healthy as enhanced digestion = enhanced nutrition! check out the Sourdough starter recipe as well, as you'll need a good starter to make this bread. 

June 26, 2017

GF | DF 

Sourdough breads are great for health and digestion, therefor making them super healthy by means of eliminating grains and gluten is the way to go. We all know enhanced digestion = enhanced nutrition! Fermentation helps by pre-digesting the ingredients in the bread making it easier on our digestion therefor enhancing assimilation of the nutrients. This recipe is great for all of us that don't want to eat grains.

August 04, 2016

GF | GF | DF


Give us this day our daily bread! - this is our grain free, gluten free, Paleo answer, 

Coconut Crumble Cake

June 18, 2016



If your a lover of coconut, then this cake is for you. This one is a favourite of mine, first made it years ago as you can see the old branding on the image... :-) enjoy! 

June 22, 2016

GF | DF | V

Vegan Paleo is becoming very popular so we've created a delicious yeast risen bread with the Nut free Multi Purpose Bread Mix, Check it out, we love it. 

DF | GF 

Your answer to the perfect bakery seed loaf!! 

Protein Bread

February 15, 2016



Spiked with protein powder this bread is also perfect for sandwiches or  toast. The recipe has been tested with a range of protein powders and all work well. 


Paleo Bread

February 13, 2016



This is a great sandwich or toast bread. Quick and easy to make from everyday staples you'll already have in your kichen or pantry. Just add eggs, milk of your choice or water, good quality salt, baking powder and you have a huge loaf of bread. A little bit goes a long way, you only need to cut them approximatly 1/2 cm thick. The slices are sturdy and not crumbly or fragile. 

Vegan Carrot and Pineapple Cake

March 08, 2016

V | GF | DF 


Made with fresh pineapple and carrots this nutrient dense cake is a satisfying as well as delicious. Madee with our bread mix 

Paleo Bircher Muesli Mix

March 29, 2016

GF | V | DF


Here we share a recipe for a staple that's always in our pantry. It makes preparing breakfast, brunch or snacks a cinch. Just add you favourite fruit, milk and or yoghurt, mix and serve. It's best left to sit for a while to let the seeds softern and geminate slightly for ease of digestion so if you wish it can be prepared the night before just as you would overnight oats of chia. Remember, our bread mix contains chia and flaxseeds! 


Serving suggestion recipe has been added to help inspire you. 

Pagen Bread

May 28, 2023

DF | V | GF


The orignial Luving Life Wholefoods bread recipe that started it all. One of my favourites, a bready aroma permeates the house while it's baking. You won't even know it's grain free and gluten free if you love dense seedy breads.  Within 5-10 minutes you'll have this loaf in the oven and baking. It slices beautifully while hot so you can enjoy the fresh warm crispy crust. Melted coconut butter or vegan spread with raw honey? Why not!! Enjoy. 


Crunchy Crispbreads

March 09, 2016

GF | DF | V


Plain and simple these crispbreads are made with the Pagen bread and require no skill at all excepts for a good knife, baking tray and and oven!! 

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