Fresh Pineapple, Cranberry & Choc Chip Cookies

Always a winner for when you want a healthy snack .. Pronto! Fresh Pineapple, Cranberry & Choc Chip Cookies I"ve worked out a way to make these that's super quick and easy. It's a quick melt-n-mix recipe that uses pantry staples. (that's if you have well stocked, healthy, abundant pantry, which I know you all do 🤨) They're not very big, only 1 tablespoon for each cookies, which not only makes then a good size, it's also great for portion control. If you have 2 it's not so bad and at least you get the fun of going back for seconds knowing that you really haven't gone overboard at all. We had a super hot summer here which inspired me to been channel my inner "raw food" passion. Especially Raw

Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch?.. Sweet Potato Waffles

I was out of my homemade bread over the weekend, so while I had the waffle maker out (waffle Sunday and all) I decided I'd better put together some savoury waffles for lunch seeing as that we were not going to go out. Unfortunately all of our fav places would have been shut and those that were open would have been packed and we don't do crowds for lunch. I love that these are just a simple mix of very healthy and wholesome ingredients and they really don't take that long to make. Cover anything with ripe avocado and you're off to a good start. Our little heat affected veggie garden supplied the rest. (OMG, summer is harsh around here 🤯) The heat has really given some of our veggies a hard

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