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Chocolate Walnut Cake with Creamy Creamless Frosting!

Chocolate Cake with Frosting

Everybody loves Chocolate and everybody loves a birthday cake.

(and if they don't, then they haven't had this one!)

It was Craig's birthday a few weeks ago (ok, might have been a few months ago now 🤨) his childhood favourite was chocolate cake. We all know a good birthday cake has to have frosting so I fished out my favourite homemade icing mixture and threw this cake together for him. I had a plan, we had our chocoholic girls working that day. (I know they love chocolate so I know I was on the right path) so I know I could create a little morning tea party out if this cos other than that it was a quite, normal old day here at Luving Life Wholefoods head quarters and home of Murray Valley Pet Resort.

None of them knew I was making the cake so when I walked in with my masterpiece a blazoned with fire (ok, it was one little birthday candle, but that sounded good) they all got a big surprise. They had no idea it was his birthday. As for Craig I'm sure he knew he'd get something made fresh for morning tea, as he does everyday. #spoilt.

My apologies for the crappy pic but it's a damn good recipe and I had to tell you about it. It's the only birthday cake recipe you will ever need, so hurry, check it out now!

Chocolate Walnut Cake with Frosting

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