Chocolate Walnut Cake with Creamy Creamless Frosting!

Everybody loves Chocolate and everybody loves a birthday cake. (and if they don't, then they haven't had this one!) It was Craig's birthday a few weeks ago (ok, might have been a few months ago now 🤨) his childhood favourite was chocolate cake. We all know a good birthday cake has to have frosting so I fished out my favourite homemade icing mixture and threw this cake together for him. I had a plan, we had our chocoholic girls working that day. (I know they love chocolate so I know I was on the right path) so I know I could create a little morning tea party out if this cos other than that it was a quite, normal old day here at Luving Life Wholefoods head quarters and home of Murray Valley

I'm on a roll...

Not only am I having a ball with my blog this week, I've also been making a few balls as well. Like these Yum Balls Put the kettle on, it's time to chill out and make some balls... I promise you by the time the kettle is boiled you'll have a batch of balls all ready to be rolled. I call this sort of stuff '10 minute treats' You'll love these if you're a yum ball fan, heck even if you're not, there's one that will take your fancy for sure. Don't dispair, you're bound to have some or most of the ingredients. I find that even when I visit friends and family and they leave me with the kids for a while. By myself, 🤨 were I can snoop and search around the pantry to see what I can create, I then

Sausage Rolls for everyone..

Parties, snacks and footballs games just aren't the same without a good Sausage Roll.. these fit the bill for everyone. Meat eaters and vegans are all going to love this all time puff pastry favourite. Serve them with my favourite homemade sugar free tomato sauce for a great morning or afternoon snack. I've been known to grab a heap from my freezer, (yes, they freeze really well) and put them in the air fryer when friends are on their way or we need a quick and easy lunch. They only take 15 minutes, just enough time to gather my thoughts and get a few others things done in the lunch break. This is the one and only thing I make that's not free from gluten. I've not been able to find a good gl

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