Pineapple & Banana Mini Cupcakes with Turmeric Matcha

Something green just in time for St Patricks day, Oops! That didn't happen but none the less. These cute little raw vegan cupcakes would be perfect for Easter. Summer might be over but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy raw treats anytime of the year. I love matcha and I love turmeric and both are apparently ever so good for us. Making up a treat that used both seemed like a tasty to way to get them into my main man. He won't drink green tea (I love it) and I can't get him to even eat curries (I sprinkle Turmeric on my salad and love it). It's like, who doesn't like a good curry, and what a good way to get your daily dose of Turmeric? And, just in case you're wondering what I'm going on about

Chocolate Choc Chip Protein Bars with Chocolate Honeycomb Frosting

Anything chocolate is a winner, add choc chips, smother it with thick chocolate honeycomb frosting then tell them it's sugar free, plant based, high protein and gluten free and they won't believe you. This one has everyone coming back for more. Always a good idea to hide a few at the back of your fridge if you want some for later. I made a batch for our kids before we headed off to catch up with them in the middle of February. They loved them and asked for the recipe. Then I posted the pics onto my facebook and Instagram and got some takers there as well. So here it is. Special mention goes out to my daughters partner, Robbie, this ones for you, Enjoy!! Recipe Page

Banana Muffins with Matcha Streusel

These green and gold muffins yell "Happy Australia Day!" to me. The delicious moist golden muffins with the vibrant green streusel are what Aussie Oi Oi Oi is all about. Green and Gold. Don't you agree? Either everyone was just really hungry or these tasted good because they all had more than 1. That's always a good sign that I'd better make sure I saved the recipe. Which, thank goodness I did. The banana muffins is a great recipe all on it's own and the streusel also works well as a granola is you double or triple the recipe. I've been really focusing on sugar free lately. We're finding that keeping sugars to a minimum helps with mental clarity as well as all of the other good things about

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