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Banana Muffins with Matcha Streusel

These green and gold muffins yell "Happy Australia Day!" to me. The delicious moist golden muffins with the vibrant green streusel are what Aussie Oi Oi Oi is all about. Green and Gold. Don't you agree?

Banana Muffins with Match Streusel

Either everyone was just really hungry or these tasted good because they all had more than 1. That's always a good sign that I'd better make sure I saved the recipe. Which, thank goodness I did. The banana muffins is a great recipe all on it's own and the streusel also works well as a granola is you double or triple the recipe.

I've been really focusing on sugar free lately. We're finding that keeping sugars to a minimum helps with mental clarity as well as all of the other good things about not eating too much of the sweet stuff does to us, even good quality sweeteners need to be watched and kept to reasonable doses, saved for special treats and portion controlled daily indulgences. Daily is ok?.. if you're active then I'm sure it is. 😅

If you don't make these for the yummy banana muffin then you have to try then for the tangy lemony matcha streusel. It's the bomb. There's something special about soft and gooey with crisp and crunchy. Naturally sweet bananas muffins with sweet lemony toppings you just can't go wrong. The earthiness of the matcha was next level to me. I love the subtle flavour of green powders and this Zen Green Tea matcha is second to none. I have their tumeric matcha as well and will be experimenting with it next week. Can't wait.

Right now I have to get my act together and make waffle for the gang. Today is Waffle Sunday. I'm thinking .. Chocolate, peanut butter, butterscotch caramel... check out my social media to see which one I made.

Banana Muffins with Match Streusel

If you don't already, here are the links to follow me on Instagram and Facebook. If you make these please share and tag me so I can see your version and hear what you think of them .

Hope you all have a great long week and sorry I didn't get this up for Aussie day.. but hey, better late then never.

Most importantly .. Enjoy 💞

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