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I'm on a roll...

Not only am I having a ball with my blog this week, I've also been making a few balls as well. Like these Yum Balls

Yum Balls, Blissballs, Raw Balls!


Put the kettle on, it's time to chill out and make some balls... I promise you by the time the kettle is boiled you'll have a batch of balls all ready to be rolled. I call this sort of stuff '10 minute treats' You'll love these if you're a yum ball fan, heck even if you're not, there's one that will take your fancy for sure.

Don't dispair, you're bound to have some or most of the ingredients. I find that even when I visit friends and family and they leave me with the kids for a while. By myself, 🤨 were I can snoop and search around the pantry to see what I can create, I then get the kids all excited and muster them up to gather around the kitchen bench for some fun. It's true you know, if they help to make it, they'll love it. Even a little handheld personal blender will be enough to knock up these little babies.. go ahead, check out the recipe here

Yum Balls - chocolate, lemon matcha, cinnamon donut

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