Whole Banana Cake with Butterscotch Walnut Streusel

This is a scrumptiously, moorish banana cake that has a secret ingredient. The result is that it's filled with extra goodness many people are not aware of. Did you know you can eat the banana skin? Not many do. It occurred to me that I can spend a fortune on green banana flour, or I can be sustainable and ethical and use the ones I was throwing into our compost, I know that compositing is also a great way to reuse them but when it comes to healthy nutrition there's another reason I love it. Along with the banana flesh the banana peels are also rich sources of potassium and contain much more soluble and insoluble fibre than their flesh, known as resistant starch, a gut friendly dietary fiber

I did it! Egg free, Grain Free Bread!

Best of all, it tastes and smells so good, just like a good loaf of bread should. Bread is such a comfort food, as well as a really convenient staple in most peoples diets. And if you're grain free or gluten free it can be really hard to find a nice replacement. Most are full of eggs. Some having up to 8 eggs which to me would taste like a quiche. For a long time now I've been working at mastering a good egg free, vegan version and this one is great. Although I do have a few others that we love, this is our latest. It uses some different and unique ingredients which you should easily be able to find at your local health food shop. One of the ingredients in this recipe is Lupin flour, which i

Carrot Cake in a healthy Yumball!

Fresh sweet carrots, coconut and sultanas are what make these so good. But there's also another secret, it's the little hint of peanut butter that makes them special. If you love both of these, then you're gonna love these balls. If you're not a PB fan, don't despair! I have an alternative. CARROT CAKE BALLS I need to get organised. I shared the image of these a few weeks ago and had a few of my lovely followers ask for the recipe. As it was a once off and I guessed the quantities I really had to try it again before posting. It actually came out just as expected but this time I had coconut so I rolled them in it and I love the outcome. I think it would be really nice in the balls as well so

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