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Scagliozzi (pronounced skah-lee-oh-tsee)

Or as we know call them, Cheesy Polenta Chips.


Cheesy Polenta Chips (Scagliozzi)

I've been making these for a few years now. I when I say I've been making them regularly, I mean every 4 days! Yes, that's right. Hubby has them every night before dinner, while I devour my mega huge salad. Then we enjoy our dinner together. We work hard, eat well, and always consume a good, healthy plant based diet so we need to make sure we are always well nourished. There is no such thing as weight loss diets at ours.

I was stoked to find out that there's a story and some tradition to these tasty little morsels. They're actually a traditional Italian treat where fried shapes of leftover polenta, found predominantly in Bari and Naples in the south of Italy are a favourite street food.

Cheesy Polenta Chips


My biggest tip is make sure that you serve them with our favourite healthy, homemade Tomato Sauce. Another staple I always have on hand. I double the batch which makes 2 x 750ml bottles. I've been adding chilli and and making them sugar free lately. Stay posted as I will post the recipe soon.


Go check out the recipe now so you can make sure you have the ingredients to make them! 😉😆😄🍿

Big luv 💞 K

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