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I did it! Egg free, Grain Free Bread!

Best of all, it tastes and smells so good, just like a good loaf of bread should.

Vegan, Grain Free, Bread

Bread is such a comfort food, as well as a really convenient staple in most peoples diets. And if you're grain free or gluten free it can be really hard to find a nice replacement. Most are full of eggs. Some having up to 8 eggs which to me would taste like a quiche. For a long time now I've been working at mastering a good egg free, vegan version and this one is great. Although I do have a few others that we love, this is our latest. It uses some different and unique ingredients which you should easily be able to find at your local health food shop.

One of the ingredients in this recipe is Lupin flour, which is a legume, it's high in protein which works really well in bread, as long as you don't use too much which seems to have the opposite affect. Health benefits include, positive impact on glycemic control (reducing blood glucose and insulin levels) reduced hypertension by lowering blood pressure, improved gut health due to it's high dietary fibre content, including pre-biotic fibre. It's also a very low GI ingredient option that reduces the glycemic load of carbohydrate foods.

The other new and unusual ingredient is tigernut flour. Tigernuts are small root vegetables also known as tubers. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are some of their relatives. They are one of the world’s oldest sources of nutrition according to Oxford University. What's so good about them?.. They're FODMAP friendly, extremely high in fibre, vitamins C & E, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium and good fats like oleic acid (of olive oil fame). Tigernuts are also gluten, nut and dairy free and full of resistant starch which aids digestive health, improves insulin sensitivity and lowers blood sugar levels. All good things.

Vegan, Grain Free Bread


So if you're after a good, healthy bread substitute, have a go at this loaf, I really think you'll like it. I find I only have to make it once a week as it stores well in the fridge. Sliced thinly and toasted it makes a great snack or can be used for burgers and sandwiches. It can be bit fragile if cut too thin but compared to most egg free breads it's actually really good.

Some of my other vegan, grain free breads that are made with my original Luving Life Wholefoods Nut Free Bread Mix include the original Pagen Bread (Paleo Vegan) which thinking about it now was probably not a good name for it but that's what I called it as it seemed to be appropriate at the time. There's also the Paleo Vegan Yeast Bread and the other is my Vegan Sourdough Bread which also uses the Luving Life Wholefoods Nut Free Bread Mix. Check them all out and see which ones take your fancy.



Big luv 💞 K

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