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Is there ever enough Chocolate?

I know, I know!! Easter is over and you are over Easter! ... But? are you over the chocolate yet?

Ooey and Gooey in the centre complemented with crunchy walnuts, chewy choc chips encased in a crispy chocolate outer with a deliciously rich chocolate flavour!

Here's a recipe I use to get rid of the rest of our Easter chocolate that often pops it head up at other times of the year when I get the urge to treat my friends and family. It can be used as a dessert or sliced up and kept for portion controlled snacks or healthy indulgent lunch box treats.

The fact is, it's not actually as bad as it all sounds. This recipe contains good nutritious ingredients. OK, so if your trying to lose weight then it's not a diet food unless you can keep to a small portions, then yes, it will fit into a weight loss diet.

We've used Raw Cacao Powder which is loaded with Magnesium and Potassium, Walnuts for crunch and Omega 3's also great for fat loss. Make sure to use coconut oil instead of butter as it's known to enhance the metabolism, Low GI refined sugar free, Coconut Sugar which lends a delicate caramel flavour and eggs, which are a great source of protein as well as a host of many other nutritious elements including biotin which is great for you hair. So now they are looking like superfood Brownies aren't they.

So? who was it that was saying Brownies are not good for you? Not us!! We find the good in everything and bring it to you. Here's the recipe and here's the Self Raising Flour so you can get a start on these decadent swoon-worthy treats.

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