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Just like real bread!!

To start off with, what is real bread anyway?

To most of people it's a pantry staple that fills the gap when we need something quick and simple to eat. Maybe a sandwich, toast, dipper for soup, mop for casseroles or bread crumbs for your favourite coating or to thicken patties. In other words it's easy and convenient.

Yeast Risen Paleo Bread - Gluten free & Grain free

To the rest of us it's comfort food. Warm crusts lathered with butter and honey, after school/work treat with more lashings of butter and my favourite, vegemite. Toasted with jam and cream, or filled with roast meat and gravy. I could go on for ever! Or your favourite vegan alternatives, smother with coconut oil and slather on your favourite chia strawberry jam, coconut cream and maple syrup with a sprinkle of crushed walnut and sultanas. Why is it that we can't do without this staple we were all weaned on.

Let's complicate things and create an intolerance or allergy. Or, we've decided to take our health to the next level, lose some weight, feel better, live longer, nourish ourselves better, sort out gut issues, get more nutrition into our daily diet through wholefoods. That's where our products come into play.

A few months ago I decided to experiment with the Nut Free Paleo Bread Mix and started adding yeast to it. I haven't made one without since. They're amazing. Just like real bread. All of my favourite dense seeds loaves, good quality German breads and sourdoughs have been replaced, finally. The recipe is easy and simple. I ground the bread mix quickly in the morning before I make our green smoothies while the blender is dry. Then with some of the left over water from the kettle for my green tea I create a warm cup of water to bring the yeast to life. 20 minutes later it's mixed and sitting in the oven rising, ready to bake in about 1-2 hours or when I'm ready. I gently remove it from the oven while it preheats, then replace and turn the timer to 1 hour 20 minute and go about my day...I usually rush off to do a workout! It's not important that you're there to get it out as the timer turns the oven off and I've never had one burn from leaving it in turned off oven. I've actually gone out for few hours and come home to fresh warm bread all ready for my husband and I to devour the crisp crust with melted coconut oil for me and butter for him. It seems mandatory to do so for some reason, weather I'm hungry or not. An opportunity that can't be missed.

I've added two recipes to the site for you all to check out. One is Vegan and the other is a Paleo recipe. Honestly, if you don't like it i'll refund your money! Half a bag of the mix makes a good sized loaf that lasts us 4-5 days because we eat the lot. It will last much longer in the fridge if not consumed in time. We've moved to a much colder climate and I'm finding it last well in the pantry. If you live in the tropics by all means refrigerate.

If you looking for a good alternative to your daily bread fix and don't want to feel like your missing out, give it try while the Bread Mix is on sale!

Enjoy: :-)

Paleo Yeast Bread


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